Thursday, 25 November 2010

new Orbiteers: Anne Clarke and James Cook appointed at Orbit

Orbit have appointed Anne Clarke, previously from the fiction department at Hodder and Stoughton, as their UK Editorial Director. They’ve also appointed James Cook in his first publishing role as Editorial Assistant (following the lovely Anna Gregson’s promotion to Commissioning Editor earlier this year. Lovely because she’s helped me with my inane queries before now). I’ve just discovered Cook’s book blog, Speculative Horizons, through this news. He’s from Manchester too, so hopefully there isn’t some bizarre universe rule that states only one person can be plucked from this city to work in Orbit’s offices in any given period of time. However there can be a rule that states Coincidence is on the sidelines ready to jump in when the moment’s right. I might have mixed up the universe with football there, in which case I hope the referee holds extreme bias towards Manchester.

Anyway, just as I’ve discovered this delightful blog, it’s been taken away. Or shut down, rather. Cook has stated that he doesn’t want to have anyone to doubt his professional credibility (unlike a certain hypothetical referee) or company bias. Commendable, but also, selfishly, a real shame that I’ve come in at the end and his work is now finished. Still, there’s an archive and I have some time before Misfits...

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